Total Number of Compositions = 729

I have come across various numbers in published works:

The highest number was 22,400, which is supposed to be equal to the number of slokas in Valmiki’s Ramayana. The next largest numbers I came across were much smaller. They ranged from a few thousands, to one thousand to several hundreds. In order to come up some kind of a precise answer, I began to consult various books on Thyagaraja that I could lay my hands on and compiled the kritis/kirtanas in to a list. The following were my sources [CR & VR, TKG, BNR&TSP, KVS, NCP&DP, NKM, MVS] and the list below is what I came up with. The current total is 729.

Downloadable Lists

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Thyagaraja’s Compositions 2011-10-13 (for Web).xlsx
Thyagaraja’s Compositions 2011-10-13 (for Web).pdf.
No.Kriti (RTS) – Raga

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