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1767 May 4 0 Birth,Sarvajit year, Chaitra masa, Bahula Dasami   Astrological Details: Purvashada Nakshatra, Kataka Lagna, Bharadwaja Gotra, Aapasthamba Sutra, Krishna Yajus-saakha   Birth Place Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, India   Parents Sitamma, Ramabrahmam PS
1774 7 Upanayanam PS
1782 15 Start of Training under sonThi venkaTa ramaNayya PS
1783 16 Began composing divya nAma kIrtanas PS
1784 17 Marriage to first wife pArvati PS
1785 18 Lit a lamp with jyOtiswarUpini raga singing in the court of rAmacandra tonDamAn of pudukkOTai PS
1787 20 Death of father PS
Started to recite 95 crore rAma nAma japa under instructions from rAmakrishNa yatIndra (which he continues for 21 years) and uncavritti bhAgavatAr PS
1789 22 Death of first wife PS
1790 23 Second marriage to pArvati’s younger sister kamalAmba PS
1802 35 Sang dOrakunA in bilahari to a select audience of palace vidwAns at the invitation of his teacher sonThi venkaTa ramaNayya PS
Invited to perform to a full audience of palace vidwAns at home of sonThi venkaTa subbayya (who is this person?) PS
sarabhOji king invites tyAgarAja to sing at his court; tyAgaraja rejects the invitation and sings nidhi cAla sukhamA song in kalyANi raga. PS
1804 37 Death of mother PS
1805, bhOgi festival (Jan 13?) 38 Family quarrel with his brother PS
1805, a few days after bhOgi 38 rAma vigraha thrown into kAvEri river by his brother PS
1805 April 38 Vigraha found 3 months later PS
1806 39 darSan of rAma, sIta, hanuman in disguise;composed bhavanuta in mOhana and kalugunA pada in pUrNa lalita rAga PS
1806 39 Partition of the house on pradOsha dinam PS
1808 41 Completion of 96 crores of rAma nAma japa PS
1810 43 Wedding of daughter sItAlakshmi (when was she born?) PS
Composed nanu pAlimpa in mOhana when wAlAjpET venkaTaramaNa bhAgavatAr presented him a painting of kOdanDa rAma and sIta (is this picture available now?) PS
1812 45 Death of his brother japESa PS
1822 55 Visit of tUmu narasimha dAsu (details?) PS
1827 60 pOtana bhAgavatam was presented to tyAgarAja (by wAlAjpEt venkaTaramaNa bhAgavatAr?) PS
1836 69 Visit by vaDivElu of swAti tiruNAL’s court ??
1839, April 72 Started his pilgrimage to kanci etc. after saptasthAnam festival in tiruvaiyAru PS
1839, May 72 Visited SrIrangam during caitrOtsavam PS
Composed SrIrangam pancaratnas ??
Visited kanci during garuDOtsavam PS
Composed vinAyakuni valEnu in madhyamAvati rAga and varada rAja in swarabhUshani ??
Visited tirupati PS
Composed teratIyagarAdA in gowlIpantu rAga and venkaTESa ninu in madhyamAvati rAga ??
Passed through puttUr where he is said to have brought a dead person back to life by singing ‘nA jIvAdhAra’ kriti in rAga bilahari PS
Visited wAlAjpET PS
Visited shOlingpur PS
Visited Madras, where he stayed at 4 Bandar Street, Georgetown at the residence of sundara mudaliyAr PS
1839, June 72 Visited kOvUr during vaiSAkha visakam festival PS
Composed the kOvUr pancaratnas PS
Visited tiruvottiyUr PS
Composed the tiruvottiyUr pancaratnas PS
Visited vINa kuppayyar’s house in tiruvottiyUr PS
Composed vENu gAna lOluni gana in kEdAragowLa rAga in vINa kuppayyar’s house PS
Visited lAlguDi PS
Composed lAlguDi pancaratnas PS
1839, October 72 Returned to tiruvottiyUr PS
1841 74 Visit of gOpAla krishNa bhArati PS
1843 76 Visit of shaTkAla gOvinda mArAr PS
1845 78 Death of his second wife ??
1846, Dec 27 79 Had a dream wherein rAma tells him that he will be liberated in 10 days PS
Composed giripai in Sahana rAga PS
1846, Dec 28 79 ekAdaSi bhajana and euphemistic statement of his shaking off the mortal coil on the pushya bahuLa pancami day (what does this mean?) PS
1847, Jan 5 80 Took sanyAsa and was named nAdabrahmAnanda PS
1847, Jan 6 Attained siddhi PS
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